Tangled Vines

When your heart is tangled up in the past, can love help you break free?

Rachel Garrett thinks she’s living her dream life working in a new French restaurant in L.A. run by sexy, brooding, award-winning chef Damian Martineau. He’s offered her excitement and guaranteed success…but at a price she might be unwilling to pay. A short vacation by herself to nearby Santa Barbara county makes her start to wonder if she's really been living her dream. Especially when a chance encounter with a handsome winemaker leaves her feeling more than tipsy.

Newly-divorced Blake Prescott’s world is falling apart as he is forced to sell his family-owned vineyard in central California to satisfy the vindictiveness of his ex-wife. He thinks he's lost everything, but then Rachel stumbles into his seemingly idyllic world. Can he pretend that everything is as perfect as it appears?

Love might be as sweet as a fine wine, but are they both too tangled up in the past to let it heal them?




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A Neverland Inn Valentine

In this latest installment of The Neverland Inn series, Sarah Michaels, proprietor of the Neverland Inn, is anticipating what Valentine's Day might bring her and her new love, Daniel Cavanaugh, while trying to give her guests the most romantic and delicious experience ever! But everyone in the quiet town of Spindrift Cove (including her dog!) seem to be finding their happily-ever-afters...everyone except her!

A Neverland Inn Christmas

Sarah Michaels is back as the proprietor of the Neverland Inn in this delightful novella perfect for the holidays. With sixteen delicious recipe to tempt readers, love will certainly be on the menu as well!


"This story really got me into the Christmas spirit. Sarah is back running the inn. She’s got a lot on her plate with her friend getting married and running the Christmas Market, she’s being pulled in all kinds of directions. I enjoyed the characters and found myself laughing throughout the story. The recipes are also delicious. Great story. "

                                                                           Amazon review: 5 stars

Reviews for: The Neverland Inn


First of all, don't read this book if you're even remotely hungry, because there are some very delicious-sounding recipes included after many of the chapters that I must try out stat! "                               

                                                                               Julie, on Goodreads


"Spoiler alert: I was given a free ebook copy from the publisher but I plan to buy a hard copy with my own money. I loved it that much."

                                                                               Jill, on Goodreads


"I love this book, but I love even more that I can read it with my teenage girls. It is a good clean read that makes a great addition to your collection!"











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