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The Perfect Wave

He's teaching her how to surf.

Can she teach him how to love?


A Neverland Inn Valentine

Sarah Michaels is back and thinks she's found the recipe for a happy life: take one handsome fiancee, add a sprinkle of a successful inn and throw in plenty of delicious baking. Even though there's a ring on her finger, there's no date for the wedding...yet! Can she find the missing ingredient to create her happily-ever-after?

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The Neverland Inn

Sarah Michaels runs the Neverland Inn. It's a place where  friendship, good food and magic are always on the menu!

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A Neverland Inn Christmas


Sarah Michaels is back at the proprietor of the Neverland Inn. With sixteen delicious recipes to tempt readers, love will certainly be on the menu as well!


"K.C. Grant's Venom is a wildly fun tale of an unsure, naive advertising intern thrown into a situation best suited for a Navy SEAL. This story is bursting with excitement and intrigue, and you will not be disappointed for having picked it up. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

                                 -Gregg Luke, author of bestseller Bloodborne
Abish: Daughter of God


"Gifted LDS author K.C. Grant demonstrates a profound understanding of the time, setting, and people that provide the backdrop to this compellin and inspiring narrative-an intricate tale of suspense, romance, intrigue, and spiritual triumphs.



                                                               -LDSLiving magazine



Abish: Mother of Faith


"Those who enjoy fiction based on the Book of Mormon and the development of characters from the Book of Mormon will throughly enjoy K.C. Grant's newest novel."


                                                            -Deseret News, Mormon Times


Now Available!


 Three Little Words


A romantic compilation along with authors:

Jennie Hansen and Aubrey Mace